Schwimmfestival Neusiedler See

Location: Mörbisch am See (close to Vienna) and Illmitz (finsih)

The 7 th Swim Festival Neusiedler See is the biggest swim event of Austria. It is located in a national parc at the biggest steppe lake of central europe, surounded by vineries with the best red wine in Austria. The 28th crossing of the Neusiedler See ist the oldest existing swim event of Austria.

The event consists of different competitons appropriate for a wide range of skill level ranging from 6,2km double Crossing, 3,2 km Crossing, 1,9 km triathlon distance to 1,0 km and 0,5 km for everybody and beginners. Additonallly there will be a kids competition.

Some of the competitors compete all 3 days and enjoy the evening charity programm or midsummer festival around the big fire.

6,2 k open water is the king discipline but there are other demanding distances like the  classical crossing for 3,2 k  and 1,9 k/1 k   to compete with professional swimmers & triathletes. The event starts with a charity race and evening with music acts of the Seefestspiele Mörbisch.

Especially nice are the boat trip accompanying the crossings and the special  tour of the famous Seefestspiele of Mörbisch.

The famous event  “Seefestspiele of Mörbisch” is an amazing music and performing arts festival that takes place over the summer and is held in a spectacular 6,000 seat amphitheater right on the shore of Lake Neusiedler!  The actual arts festival takes place a little later in the summer, but there is a good chance you  could take in some of the private and exclusive rehearsals and get a backstage peek while you are there!  It makes for pretty incredible trip, with memorable mix of arts and athletics!

Slogan: Swim & More for everyone